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Cold Recycling Bits

Cold recycling is an economical technique since the material does not need to be heated. The asphalt plants can easily be moved from place to place and are therefore suitable for small-scale production and for road construction in sparsely populated areas far from stationary plants. In cold recycling, up to 100% of the asphalt can be recovered, but for a good result it is important to crush and screen the old asphalt first.

Our advantages

1. Selected grade of tungsten carbide ensures greater hardness for better cutting performance.
2. Hardness and toughness of the steel body: special heat treating and hardening to achieve the optimum hardneess and to maintain the necessary ductility.
3. Well executed brazing process to combine the carbide tip and the steel body firmly together.
4. Quality control: inspection during production and test after production are performed for consistent quality.

Contact us for more specification. We can also customize upon request.

W6/22, W8M/22, W6C/22, W1-13/22, W1-17/22

RC series: RC2-02
SZ series: SZ1-01, SZ2-01, SZ3-01, SZ4-01, SZ5-01T, SZ6-01T

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