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Asphalt Milling Bits

Asphalt milling is a process whereby the existing asphalt surface is removed and replaced with the recycled asphalt. Here’s how the process works. A grinding machine removes the asphalt base. The old asphalt is then loaded into a truck and transported to an asphalt recycling plant. The recycled asphalt is put back on the road surface. This is an exceptionally cost effective method of replacing an asphalt surface with minimal investment.

Our advantages

1. Selected tungsten carbide tips ensure best cutting performance.
2. Hard & tough steel body.
3. Using the independent development brazing technology.
4. Rigorous quality control system is performed for consistent quality.

Contact us for more specification. We can also customize upon request.

W4-G/20X, W5L/20X, W5L-G/20X, W6/20X, W6-G/20X, W6M/20X, W7/20X, W7-G/20X, W8/20X, W8-G/20X

RX series: RX1-01, RX2-01, RX3-02, RX3-01, RX4-01, RX5-01
RZ series: RZ1-01, PRZ2-01P, RZ2-02, PRZ3-01, RZ3-01, PRZ3-02, RZ3-02P, RZ4-01, RZ4-02, PRZ4-03, RZ4-03P, RZ5-02
RC series: RC1-01P, RC2-01P, RC2-02

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