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BYRL09/20 Trenching Tools Round Shank Bits


BYRL09/20 Trenching Tools Round Shank Bits

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Supersoar can provide you with these specifications for foundation trenching round shank chisel trench cutter teeth:

Shank Type Model
0.44″ (11mm) Shank CM42
0.55″ (14mm) Shank CM61
0.76” (19mm) Shank C21 Series (C21, C23, C21HD)
RL Series (RL08, RL10, RL09. RL11, RL04, RL07, RL06)
RS Series (RS14, RS18, RS16. RS01, RS19)
0.78” (20mm) Shank RP Series (RP15, RP22, RP21)
BSK12, BSK17, BSK23
0.86”(22mm) Shank SM Series (SM01, SM03, SM06, SM02, SM04, SM07)
SL Series (SL06, SL07, SL09, SL02, SL04)
Flat Cutter System (AR150 87)
SD Series
1” (25mm) Shank C31, C32, U40HD, C31HD, AUC40KH, C31FSRHD
BTK03, BTK10, BTK26
TS Step Shank TS8, TS11, TS19, TS32, TS31, TS5

For other specifications, we can customize upon request.

Production Information:
1. Short retainer.
2. Narrow carbide tip for better penetration.
3. Short dimpled retainer for better retention in the block.
4. Extractor groove in head part for easy extraction.

Model BYRL09/20
Application Used in Soft to Medium Cutting Conditions


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